NCA has been a somewhat secret project that we have have been wanting to do for a long time, and we are really excited to finally get to tell you all about it. We feel that the DJ and club culture in Norway has always been somewhat fleeting and ephemeral. Venues, promoters, DJ’s and trends come and go, and once something is over, there are scarcely more than some old posters and photos to prove it happened. With Facebook being the promotion tool of choice now, there aren't really many posters left either.

We at NCA want to collect, archive and share what we feel has been an overlooked part of the Norwegian cultural history. We want to simultaneously document what´s happening in the present, together with mapping out the history of the DJ and club scene. In other words, we want NCA to include the present, the past and the future. Sounds grandiose, we know, but we also think this is the only way to create what we hope will be an actual Norwegian Club Archive. Otherwise it might end up just being a glorified musical scrapbook, or yet another contemporary music blog. And lord knows we don't need more of those.

We can see how this might still be a little vague, this is partly because The NCA format is not fully formed yet. So we have put together an imaginary FAQ section that we hope will explain things a little.



Will it be an actual physical archive, with shelves and folders and everything?
No, NCA will be an online “archive” All the mixes, features, photos, videos etc. will be posted on the website (Where you are now)


Does the CLUB in NCA mean that you will just be focusing on “club” music like house and techno?
The goal of NCA is to show the spectrum of Norwegian club culture, and not just one or two genres. The goal is to show both the organic and the electronic, from the oddball sets and to the more 4-to-the-floor sets. The present, the past and the future if you will.


Oh yeah? will you be showcasing EDM, the world's MOST popular dance music genre. Or is this just an elitist underground snob blog?
Well, the goal of NCA is, like previously mentioned, to show the spectrum of norwegian club- and DJ- culture. That being said, we will most likely not be including mainstream EDM in the archive. I acknowledge that this is a huge phenomenon right now, but I don't feel that this is something that needs more coverage at the moment. We will be trying to shine a light on the people who do not necessarily get all the media attention. If this makes the project elitist, then so be it.


Can I send you my awesome new mix so you can upload it?
Please feel free to send us your mix! But it will most likely not be uploaded. There are decades of clubs and DJ´s for us to scour through. So in many ways NCA is 30 years behind schedule already.


I just found a poster and a dj-set recording from 1992, does NCA want it?
Most likely yes!. Please send us a mail with a photo and some details, and we will be in contact soon. Although we would like to include everything, we are forced to be a little restrictive and need to assess each case due to time and space limitations.


I want to keep my poster, could I just send you a pic from my Iphone?
No, we want to take high-res pictures of all posters, flyers, photos and record covers. And we don´t have enough space to store 30 years of posters and CDr´s. Our goal is to make this accessible to the world through an online archive of sorts. But rest assured, we will handle everything with great care, and will deliver everything back to you in the same mint condition.


How often will you be posting new mixes?
Honestly, we don't know yet. We will be figuring this out as we go, but we already have some really good stuff in the can as they say. So stay tuned!


Henrik Svanevik
(On behalf of NCA)